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Bale Feeding

Sheep can be wasteful if they can feed from a bale unhindered. Bale feeders allow access, while reducing the amount a sheep can pull out at once. This significantly reduces waste and utilizes more of the bale.

Big Bale Feeders
Great way to feed round and square bales
while reducing wasted hay and it pays for itself in 1 year!
After a summer spent putting up hay and baleage, it’s aggravating to see it wasted by an ungrateful flock. Solve that by using a big bale feeder. Feeder allows ewes to pull only ONE mouthful of hay out at a time. The result? Significantly less waste. Less waste = less money spent on feed. Can also be used to feed square bales.

How to install—connect panels with wire hinge connectors (number of connectors and panels is dependent on size of bales). Enclose the panels around a round bale and connect the ends with stainless steel clips.
Bale Feeding
  • 4 head-holes per panel.

  • Folds flat—easy to store and move.

  • Adult sheep can’t get inside it.

  • Average of 40 ewes per 6-panel feeder is advised. (Too many ewes will cause fighting for access.) 1200 lb hay bale should last about 5 days.

  • More durable than bale feeders made with weak farmstore panels.

  • Adapts to most bale sizes and shapes. (For small bales use 5 panels; large bales use 6 to 7 panels.)

  • Not for use with cattle, horses or horned animals.

  • Ships to you by UPS™ or SpeeDee™.

  • Typical lifetime of a feeder is 3 to 5 years. Sometimes longer if used with smaller/lighter animals.

  • Hot-dip galvanized.

How does it pay for itself in 1 year?
Calculating the lost $$ due to wasted hay provides a picture of the value of a big bale hay feeder. Assume 40 ewes each eat 5 lbs of hay for 165 days. Assume hay costs $140/ton (7¢/lb).
  Wastage % Wasted Hay $$
Big Bale Feeder 10% $231
Other Feeders 25% $577
$346 difference pays for a Premier feeder quickly!
Bale Feeding
We love these wire panel hinges. You will too. A strong, reliable connection system that’s quick and easy to use.
Bale Feeding
Snap Clips are used extensively on our farms with feeders, gates and as temporary hinges.
How many panels, hinges & clips?
  • 4 ft dia bale—5 panels, 4 hinges and 2 clips

  • 5 ft dia bale—6 panels, 5 hinges and 2 clips

  • 6 ft dia bale—7 panels, 6 hinges and 2 clips

Bale Feeding
Panels are 40" wide and 48" tall. Each has four 8" x 12" holes. Outer rods and 4 vertical internal rods are 3/8" dia. Other rods are 1/4" dia. Hot-dip galvanized.
What diameter round bale is best?
•  Bales 4 ft in diameter are smaller than most bales in the Midwest, but they allow sheep or goats to eat the entire bale without assistance.
•  6 ft/72" diameter bale usually leaves an 18" center core. It requires human time and assistance to adjust both the core and the feeder.
What not to do...
1.  Don’t use these feeders with cattle, horses, etc.
2.  Don’t use with horned sheep or goats. We have tried this and therefore know that they may get their heads caught and die.
3.  Don’t try to lift the feeder panels with a tractor when they’re frozen or stuck in a manure pack. They will bend and break.
4.  Don’t try to feed more than 8 ewes per panel. Too many ewes will fight for access—which results in poor-doing or dead sheep. Buy an additional feeder.
5.  Don’t turn starving sheep into the feeder. They are too aggressive and can injure one another.
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