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New! Shepherd’s Choice® Lamb and Kid Starters
Shepherd’s Choice® Lamb & Kid Starter Feed

Feeding the proper ration gives lambs and goat kids the nutrition they need, with the growth shepherds want.

Formulated by Premier’s small ruminant nutritionist, Dr. Dan Morrical, Ph.D., Shepherd’s Choice® Lamb & Kid Starter Feed prepares small ruminants, particularly orphan-reared, for dry feed and primes them for growth.

  • 20% protein, 4% fat provides optimal amino acid nutrition
  • Mini-pellet for quick acceptance
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals for maximum health
  • Formulated with probiotics to aid with gut health
  • Medicated with Decoquinate (Deccox) to control coccidia
  • No cheap fillers!

After 2 months of age for lambs or 3 months of age for goat kids, switch to normal grower/finisher ration. Keep feed fresh by only offering very small amounts early on. Always provide a constant supply of clean, fresh water.

Shepherd’s Choice® Lamb Starter
Absolutely love this product! Our lambs seem to find it very palatable. The pellet quality is much better compared to feeds we’ve used in the past, and there are virtually no fines at the bottom of the bag. Highly recommend!

– Dillon B., Iowa
Dan Morrical, Ph.D.
Dan Morrical, Ph.D.
Small Ruminant Nutritionist
The GOLD Formula Difference!
The Shepherd’s Choice® GOLD Formula Premixes have been specifically formulated for small ruminants to maximize health and immunity.

All of Premier’s premixes include the essential trace minerals needed for well-being of sheep and goats. But GOLD Formula Premixes increase the levels of zinc and iodine to promote stronger, healthier hooves.

Watch this video to learn more!
Sheep Trace Mineral Premix
Sheep Trace Mineral Premix
A fortified, free-choice trace mineral premix for sheep. Feed free choice (mix with salt) to ewes year-round. Improves hoof health and other immune deficiencies. Lamb Finisher also available.
Premium Colostrum Replacer
Goat Trace Mineral Premix
A complete, free-choice trace mineral premix for goats. Contains additional copper with no added molybdenum (ties up copper) for improved immunity. Goat Kid Finisher also available.
Vitamin A/D/E Premix
Sheep/Goat Vitamin A/D/E Premix
A vitamin ADE premix for livestock. Add to sheep and goat feed rations or their trace mineral for diets low in fresh forage. Packaged separately to prevent vitamin degradation.
Shepherd’s Choice® Premium Colostrum Replacer
Premium Colostrum Replacer — $40
New! Contains a high level of immunoglobulin protein (150g IgG per 500g). Gives newborns the boost they need if their dam lacks adequate colostrum.
Bar Vac® CD/T
Bar Vac® CD/Tfrom $11.50
Recommended for the vaccination of healthy, susceptible sheep, goats and cattle against enterotoxemia and tetanus. 50mL or 250mL options.
Kane Mineral Feeder
Kane Mineral Feeder — $38
1.5 gallon capacity small grain, pellets, salt or mineral feeder for providing nutrient supplementation to sheep and goats. Comes with brackets to hang on a wall.
Save The Date — August 8–11, 2022
Lamb Summit 2022
The next Lamb Summit will occur at Michigan State University in East Lansing on August 8–10, 2022. Watch your inbox in early April for registration details. We hope to see you there!
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