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Rotational grazing is the practice of moving grazing livestock between pastures (often called paddocks) as needed or on a regular basis. Premier’s electric netting is well-suited for rotational grazing—it’s quick to install, durable and adaptable to dips and curves in difficult terrain.

Pasture rotations made easy…
There are many approaches and types of grazing that fall under the broad umbrella of rotational grazing. The simplest is moving livestock between paddocks every set number of days.

Photo of goats and sheep on pasture
Promoting better pastures...
Benefits of Rotational Grazing:
  • Staying ahead of the worm load
  • Increased drought resistance and soil fertility
  • Less forage waste or soil compaction, and increased forage production
Many graziers use temporary electric fence systems to manage the size of the paddock. This allows the manager to control access to forage to fit the nutritional needs of the livestock.

Why Temporary Electric Fences?
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Quick to install and move
  • Stops predators
You will need an energizer to power the fence. Choose a battery or solar battery fence charger. AC plug-in units are not as practical for rotational grazing, unless you’re powering a feeder fence (one that brings power to the smaller paddocks). Don’t forget to choose an appropriately sized ground rod(s) for your energizer. The industry rule of thumb is 3' of galvanized ground rod per joule of energizer output. Drier soils may need more total grounding (or a Pos/Neg fence).

To avoid worms while grazing…
  • Rotate between smaller pastures for shorter periods of time. This increases the number of paddocks and number of days before animals re-graze the same pasture. Portable electric netting allows for the creation of small, easy-to-move paddocks that are ideal for rotational grazing.
  • Never graze below 4-6" of grass length. Parasite larvae can only crawl so far. Stay above this line and stay above the worms.
  • Take fecal samples to determine egg counts and resistances. Choose an appropriate dewormer for your flock.
  • Supplement the flock for a healthy immune system that withstands parasite pressure.
Livamol® with BioWorma®

New! Livamol® with BioWorma®

A feed supplement to control the spread of parasitic larvae in the pasture

Livamol® with BioWorma® contains a naturally occurring fungus that captures and consumes infective worm larvae (including chemical and anthelmintic resistant larvae) within the manure of grazing animals.

For best results:
  1. Treat animals with a suitable
    oral, injectable, or pour-on wormer/anthelmintic to rid the
    animals of worms.
  2. Move treated animals onto low worm pasture (ideally not grazed by the same animal species for a minimum 6 weeks).
  3. Commence daily use of Livamol® with BioWorma® to minimize pasture infectivity and maintain the animal’s low worm status.
  4. Thoroughly mix Livamol® with BioWorma® with feed or feed supplements. It will begin to work immediately within the manure.
  5. Recommended for strategic use during periods when weather conditions are conducive to larval development and transmission on pasture at temperatures above 5° Celsius (40° Fahrenheit) throughout the year. Use in conjunction with a recommended worm management strategy program for your area.
Additional information:
Roundworm Lifecycle
Host Stage diagram
Host Stage
Internal parasites produce thousands of eggs which are distributed via the animals’ feces.
Dung Stage diagram
Dung Stage
Eggs develop and hatch into larvae. Larvae feed on bacteria within the dung.
Pasture Stage diagram
Pasture Stage
Larvae mature into infective stage. They move via moisture (dew) onto plants where they are consumed by livestock.
Our Preferred Management Tools
Valbazen® — from $42
A broad-spectrum dewormer for sheep, cattle and goats. Controls: tapeworms, stomach worms, intestinal worms, lungworms and mature liver fluke in sheep and cattle. Controls liver flukes in goats.
Heated Buckets
Goat Trace Mineral Premix — $13.50
Proper nutrition is an essential part of any preventative health program. Boost the immunity of your animals to ward off internal parasites. Sheep Trace Mineral Premix is also available.
PortaTroughs™ — from $45
Use these portable 3 and 5 ft troughs to water or feed sheep, goats, livestock protection dogs, ducks, geese and poultry. Withstands all weather and animal conditions.
Solar Fence Energizers
Solar Energizers — from $208
All-in-one fence chargers are ready to energize a fence within minutes. Attach the battery, orient the unit towards the sun, connect to the fence and ground rod, then turn it on.
Electric Netting
Electric Netting — from $94
Protect or contain livestock, poultry, beehives, dogs, windbreaks and gardens. Each roll (posts included) is a complete fence. Electric net fences are easy to install, adjust, relocate and remove.
NetGates — from $54
Unique handle design features one-handed operation for easy access in/out of netting enclosures without the need to turn off the fence energizer. Gate post locks into place via a handle and docking station.
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