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Electric Fences for Sheep, Goats and Cattle
Grazing with Multi-strand Fences
Low-cost to purchase, easy to maintain…
Without question, multi-strand fences (for which you install the end, corner, curve and line posts and then add a conductor) are the least expensive fence designs per foot.
The trade-off compared to electric netting? A strand fence can be more complicated to install and remove. And they are less effective than netting at stopping many species of livestock and wildlife.
But, for lengthy livestock fences with plenty of grazing and low predator pressure, they are excellent!
Multi-strand fence with pigtail post for rotational grazing
Common Uses:
  • Subdividing large pastures to rotate grazing and reduce trampling
  • Strip-grazing rape, turnips and corn stubble
  • Containing dry does and ewes when food, libido and newly weaned offspring are not an issue
  • Reducing access to streams and ponds
  • Guiding livestock into temporary corrals

Two Design Options:
  1. Reeled fences (see large photo above) allow for the quick installation and removal of conductors from the posts. Very useful in fast, rotational grazing systems.
  2. Non-reeled fences are best used for set stocking, where the speed of reel systems is unnecessary.
To help you get started, we’ve compiled answers to a few common fencing questions.
from $18
We specialize in electric fences. Premier's electric fence conductors are visible, safe and reliable.
Fence Reels
from $11.95
Reels enable rapid installation and removal of electric fences. Saves time in the pasture!
Solar Energizers
from $223
For less hassle from weeds and ornery livestock, choose a proven unit.
Fence Accessories
Fence Accessories
Simplify installation and troubleshooting for all types of electric fences.
Pigtail Fence Posts
Versatile fence solution for any grazing system
Grass farmers around the world rely on pigtail fencing posts for rotational and strip grazing. Posts from Strainrite® Fencing Systems provide the best combination of durability and value on our own farms. Premier is pleased to offer them in the USA.

Strainrite® electric fence posts are made in New Zealand, an island known for its high UV exposure and coastal sea spray. (Salty air acts as a corrosion agent.) Manufactured using top-grade galvanized steel and UV-treated plastics, these posts are built to withstand tough conditions.

Multistrand Fencing Products Video
The utility of galvanized springsteel is important for many livestock operations. Strainrite’s pigtail posts stand up the harshest elements and are built to last.
Why Springsteel?
Common steel posts, when inserted into hard soils, are prone to bending along the shaft. By contrast, springsteel posts are more resilient. Stressed posts will flex and then “spring” back into their original shape.

It’s more than a benefit during installation; wayward round bales, ATVs, and other objects are less likely to permanently damage them.

Pigtail posts are also available with “live-shafts” and tangle-free heads. Choosing the correct post for your situation is essential to building and maintaining an electric fence.
Pigtail Caddy
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Made with saponified sheep milk, organic coconut oil, lard and various essential oils and botanicals.
Garden Scissors
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Snip, nip, and clip all day with these ambidextrous stainless steel garden scissors. Two sizes available.
Bee's Wrap
Bee's Wrap — $18.75
Reduce plastic use in your kitchen with a healthier, more sustainable way to store food. Two prints available.
Bacon Bin™ Grease Holder
New! Bacon Bin™ Grease Holder — $16
Use this cute and easy storage container on your counter top or in the fridge. The removable strainer keeps bacon bits out of the grease, allowing the grease to be re-used for cooking.
The Joey Apron
The Joey Apron — $34
Enjoy hands-free gardening. The Joey apron will assist you with harvesting your vegetables, weeding and deadheading your garden, or collecting anything that needs to be put away.
Garden Colanders
Garden Colanders — from $12.99
The perfect accessory when gardening in the backyard or taking a trip to the farmer's market. Also ideal for egg collection, berries, herbs, tomatoes, and flowers. Available in small and large.
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