American Lamb Summit - August 27 & 28
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Premier 1 Supplies invites you to attend
the American Lamb Summit in Ft. Collins, CO on August 27-28.

★ Purpose ★

To identify how and why to improve both the market value and the eating value of US lamb.
     For 30 years US lamb has steadily lost market share to imported lamb from Australia and New Zealand. Imported lamb now “owns” 70% of the lamb consumed in the USA. This decline has to stop.
     Nations such as Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia have had well-managed programs in place for decades to upgrade the value of their lamb. But the USA does not. Why not?
     If we had a coordinated plan to upgrade our lamb, what would it be?
  • What changes should producers make in genetic and feeding choices?
  • What changes should lamb feeders make?
  • What changes should packers make?
  • What changes should national organizations like ALB, NSIP and ASI make?
     Am I saying that US lamb is bad? Not at all. Much of it is good. Some is very good, and some is not good at all.
     However I’ve learned one huge truth in founding and growing Premier. No product is ever good enough. There must be constant focus on improving every item. Our competitors (beef, pork, chicken, imported lamb) are constantly improving their product—and working hard to reduce its cost.
     The US lamb industry must do the same. That’s the purpose of the 2019 Lamb Summit. And that’s why Premier is a primary sponsor.

For more information:
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Why should you attend?
  • Speakers from Australia and England will tell us what they have done, are doing, and plan to do to further improve their lamb.
  • Experts from the US will suggest to us what can be done. There are more than a few myths about what is wrong (and right) about US lamb. The Lamb Summit will dispel some of them.
     Attendance is limited to 150. They will be filled on a first-come, first-registered basis. A waiting list will surely occur.
One more thing…
     We feel so strongly about the need to upgrade competitive value of US lamb that my wife and I are going to award $25,000 to the individual, firm, organization or entity that has done the most to improve the value of US lamb. We’ve assembled a group of industry leaders to assist with the choice and we’ll present the award at the Lamb Summit in Ft. Collins.
     We will repeat this award at subsequent Lamb Summits…which we hope will occur every 2 years and will move around the USA.
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     Stan Potratz
     Founder, Premier 1 Supplies
per person
  • Access to all sessions and exhibition areas
  • Lunch on Tuesday/Wednesday and BBQ dinner on Tuesday
  • Transportation to/from Fort Collins Hilton and CSU campus
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