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  • Borotto Poultry Egg Incubators and Hatchers

    Borotto® Egg Incubators

    Hatching poultry from eggs is a fun, rewarding experience. All you need is an incubator and a little perseverance!


  • 2022 American Lamb Summit

    2022 American Lamb Summit

    Premier 1 Supplies invites you to attend the American Lamb Summit in East Lansing, MI on August 8 & 9. Its purpose is to identify how and why to improve both the market value and the eating experience of US lamb.

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  • Resharpening Service for Blades, Combs & Cutters

    World-Class Resharpening

    When you need sharp equipment, you needed it yesterday! Premier provides rapid turnaround and a precision finish on your blades, combs and cutters.