New! PRS-I and PRS-B Solar Energizers!

A PRS-I unit (I for “Intelligent”) is able to reduce its battery draw when the fence’s voltage is high—due to few weeds touching the fence.

A “PRS-B” (for “Basic”) unit removes a steady 50 milliamperes per hour from the battery—which in turn must be recharged by the solar panel.


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Sheep and Goat Supplies

Tools specifically designed to mark, tag, vaccinate, drench, lamb, kid, nurse, feed, corral, foot trim, foot bathe and shelter sheep and goats.


Resharpen your clipper blades, combs and cutters.
World-Class Resharpening

When you need sharp equipment, you needed it yesterday! Premier provides rapid turnaround and a precision finish on your blades, combs and cutters.