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Nesting Boxes

Roll-out trays, such as those shown in the ChickBox™ above, allow you to collect eggs without the risk of disturbing an easily perturbed hen. Simply lift the perch, open the flap and remove the eggs from the tray.

Tips for Getting Hens to Lay in a Nest Box

The Nest-O-Matic Nest Box (shown above) offers a privacy curtain for hens that desire additional seclusion.

The nesting area must be...
  • A place where the hens want to lay their eggs
  • Accessible to egg collectors
  • Easy to clean
Otherwise hens will lay on the floor. There, the eggs are likely to be soiled, cracked and hard to reach.

Occasionally, hens hide their nests. Finding eggs a week or two after they have been laid can be a less than pleasant experience.

When to use nest eggs?
  • To persuade hens to lay eggs in a nesting box (and not elsewhere).
  • To discourage egg eating by hens, a bad habit that can spread rapidly.
Nesting Box Basics
Nest Eggs

For hens that prefer bedding for laying, add straw to the nest boxes. Once they’re in the habit of nesting, gradually remove the bedding to take full advantage of the roll-out tray.

Q. What if the hens don’t lay in the nesting box?

A. Consider these changes:

  • Try placing a ceramic or wooden nest egg in the box. Watch this video to learn more.
  • Place a comfortable amount of bedding in the nesting box. Remove after they start consistently laying in the box.
  • Locate nests in darker areas. Hens prefer to nest where they feel less visible to predators.

Q. What material should I use?

A. We’ve sold or used plastic, metal and wood boxes over the years, with hundreds of chickens. We prefer plastic because:

  • Plastic does not rot.
  • Plastic is easier to clean.
  • Plastic lacks seams and cracks, reducing risk of mites or lice.
  • Plastic has no sharp edges and does not splinter.

Q. Should I use bedding?

A. With a roll-out tray, you may have to initially use bedding. After the hens learn to lay in the box (with a tray), gradually remove the bedding. If not using the roll-out tray, we prefer straw or hay—both stay in the box better than wood shavings.

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Egg Wipes — $8
Soft biodegradable wet wipes for cleaning eggs from the coop. Our colored egg cartons, blue one shown here are made from recycled fiber. Attach egg carton labels to describe their content.
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Egg Cartons — $0.46
Preprinted egg cartons are made of 100% recycled fiber paper-pulp material. Use our egg basket for collection.
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