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Show Clipping and Sheep Shearing
Gear Up for Summer Shearing and Show Clipping
Using the right tools for removing hair, fleece and fiber
Whether you need precision removal for the show ring or a dependable machine to shear the flock for summer, Premier’s 4000 Clipping & Shearing machines are purpose-built for the task. When matched with our best-in-class blades, combs and cutters, your animals will be ready for whichever season lies ahead.
Premier 4000Key features and benefits:
  1. Unique 3-year warranty!
    Covers all labor and parts for 3 years from the date of purchase. That’s 2 years longer than most competitors!
  2. Quieter
    Motor and gear “whine” is less likely to upset animals.
  3. Small, powerful motor
    Permanent rare-earth magnet motors produce a smooth, uniform and attractive finish.
  4. Runs cooler
    Air is vented through the head, resulting in less wear and longer life.
  5. Interchangeable heads—one machine, two uses!
    Same powerful motor drives both our clipping head or our shearing head.
Not sure what tools you need? Contact us online or call us toll-free: 800-282-6631. We have experience raising sheep, goats, cattle, horses and llamas both for the show ring and around the farm. See why our service and support has no equal in the industry.
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4000c Clipping Package
Clippers that win! The combination of high-speed and high-torque allows the machine to leave an even, consistent finish, even in dense fiber.

4000c Clipping Package

Used to slick-shear show stock, body clip dogs and horses for summer and to prep animals for surgery. Depending on which clipping blades are used, cutting depths leave as little as .02" to .25" of fiber or hair on the animal.

The 4000c Clipping Package includes everything you need to get started:

$323 BUY NOW
4000s Shearing Package
Lighter, quieter and easier to handle than other shearing machines. High-torque, rare-earth, permanent magnet motor removes dense wool and fiber without “breaking a sweat.”

4000s Shearing Package

Rapidly removes clean or dirty fiber. Use a shearing machine to remove the wool for sale, to prepare animals for the show ring or to treat/prevent fly-strike. Visit this link for help choosing the right cutter and comb for your situation.

The 4000s Shearing Package includes:

$352 BUY NOW
Professional Resharpening Service
24-hour turnaround on most blades, combs and cutters!
Resharpened Blade Used Blade

We can sharpen:

Fast turnaround!

When most of us need sharp gear, we needed it yesterday. We resharpen most blades and combs in 24 hours. (Allow us an extra day in the hectic summer months.)

Precision finish!

We sharpen most large clipper blades on automated machines. Combs and cutters are sharpened on high-speed grinding wheels by our sharpening experts.

Warning! Blades, combs and cutters can be damaged (and even ruined) during sharpening by those without proper machines or methods.

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When sending blades, combs and cutters…
Improperly packaged blades, combs and cutters result in damaged boxes and missing equipment. Not to mention that sharp objects poking out of boxes are a hazard to postal workers. When packaging your items, please ensure all blades are wrapped and secured.
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Grooming Supplies
Hand Shears
Hand Shears — from $28
Hand shears for fitting and clipping wool, trimming and other general use. Burgon and Ball manufacture the best hand shears available.
Small Clipper Blades
Small Clipper Blades — from $17
Eagle’s upper blade is placed closer to the front tips of the lower blade for exceptional cutting ability.
Trimming Stand
Trimming Stand — $220
For trimming show sheep and goats, shearing or foot trimming. Lightweight stand restrains animals at a comfortable height.
Hoods & Blankets
Hoods & Blankets
from $9
Keeps your animals clean and debris free. Field-tested by sheep folks with 40 years of experience.
Wool Cards
Wool Cards
from $11.50
Used to bring out the wool fibers for showing and yarn making. The gold-standard in sheep grooming.
Livestock Halters
Halters & Leads
from $3.25
For the control and handling of livestock and show animals.
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