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PrimaGate™ 2 Livestock Panels

Portable, lightweight panels are perfect for lambing pens, field gates and lanes. (Photo above: Using PrimaGates to guide the flock onto a trailer. Lightweight panels are easy to lift and store for transport to remote paddocks.)

New! PrimaGate™ 2
Sturdy, heavy duty panels for containing and controlling small livestock
PrimaGate assembly video
Common Uses
  • Lambing/kidding jugs
  • Sick pens
  • Shearing pens
  • Short-term field gates
  • Portable handling yards
  • To divide larger pens
We designed the original PrimaGate for use in our own 100-pen lambing barn. Two years later, the gates look as new as the day they were installed. Our shepherds use them daily and know their strengths and weaknesses. So we asked how to make them better?
  1. Shorter in height—to ease reaching in and climbing over
  2. Less space between horizontals—to prevent escape
  3. Less expensive to ship—our customers liked the gates, but disliked the shipping costs
The result is PrimaGate 2. It’s a unique modular gate (assemble to suit) that is as sturdy as the original one-piece design.
  • Modular design—Unique interlocking panel system allows you to create gates that are 4 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft and even 10 ft in length.
  • Reduced shipping costs—2 ft sections can be shipped by UPS/SpeeDee. Orders over $100 ship FREE within the contiguous USA.
  • Shorter height—36" height (vs 41" on original design). It’s now much easier to climb and reach over.
  • Horizontal supports are closer together to better contain lambs and goat kids.
The lightweight PrimaGate 2 arrives as a pair of 2 ft wide end pieces (to make a 4 ft panel). Center sections can be added to extend the panels in 2 ft increments.
Features & Improvements
360° Fold-flat Storage Hinge
360° Fold-flat Hinge
Allows panels to fold flat for transport or storage. Attaches easily to a pair of panels via connecting pins.
Shorter Height
Shorter Height
36" height allows shepherd to easily climb or lean over the panel and check their stock.
Closer Horizontal Supports
Closer Horizontals
Closer spacing between horizontal support bars improves containment of young livestock and bedding.
Coming Soon!
Universal Connecting Hinge
Customers love our PrimaGates, but they have been asking for a better way to make 3-way and 4-way panel connections. We’ve also been asked for a hinge connector that would allow folks to connect PrimaGates with a Creep Feeder Gate, or other livestock handling equipment.
We’ve think we’ve made a better hinge and can’t wait to share it with you!
Watch our website for more details coming soon.
Breeding Harnesses
How-to videos for the correct fit
How to correctly fit a Deluxe Marking Harness video
Deluxe Marking Harness
How to correctly fit a Cross Your Heart Marking Harness video
Cross Your Heart Marking Harness
How to correctly fit a Nylon Breeding Harness video
Nylon Breeding Harness
Marking Crayons
A great way to identify if a ewe or doe has been bred. Change colors of crayons every 2 weeks to narrow down when/if an animal was bred or re-bred.
How to correctly install Marking Crayons into a Breeding Harness for livestock
Watch to learn how to correctly install a Marking Crayon into a Breeding Harness
EZ-Mark ® Marking Crayons
Crayons are available in red, blue, green, orange, yellow and black. For best results, use in outside temperatures from 40–80°F.
Nettex Marking Crayons
For outside temperatures lower than 40°F, use the COLD/SOFT crayons. If higher than 80°F, use the HOT/FIRM crayons.
Tools for the Shepherd
ARS 140DXR Hoof Trimmers
ARS 140DXR Hoof Trimmers — from $35
Regarded as the gold standard tool for trimming goat and sheep hooves. Choice of smooth or serrated blades.
Shepherd’s Crooks
Shepherd’s Crooks — from $24
Use shepherd crooks to grab animals as they are passing by. Our most popular (shown above) Kiwi Crook is both a leg and neck crook. For the cane enthusiast or a perfect gift, we also offer distinctive crooks and walking sticks.
PortaTroughs ™ — from $45
Use these portable 3 and 5 ft troughs to water or feed sheep, goats, livestock protection dogs, ducks, geese and poultry. Withstands all weather and animal conditions.
Lamb & Kid Instant Milk Replacer
Lamb & Kid Instant Milk Replacer — from $22.25
Instant milk replacer with CitriStim® for baby lambs and goat kids. Shepherd’s Choice Kid Milk also available.
Premier 4000s Shearing Machine
Premier 4000s Shearing Machine — $318
Has a high torque, rare-earth, permanent magnet 110 volt motor that glides through dense wool and hair. We also carry a complete line of Combs & Cutters. For all of your clipping needs, see the Premier 4000c Clipping Machine and blades.
Bucket Holder/Mount
Bucket Holder/Mount — $34
A unique mounting bracket used to secure 2-gallon square buckets for feeding. Ideal for use in orphan rearing pens.
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Get answers from experts
NEW! Premier has partnered with Pipestone Veterinary Services to offer advice from our combined group of sheep experts. Looking for ration advice? Dr. Morrical can help you customize a mineral for your situation.
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