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Once the pasture is depleted, the electric netting is taken down and properly stored for winter. Some ewes will graze stockpiled forage while others will go to the lambing barn.

Prepare Electric Netting, Energizers and Batteries for Winter Storage
Time spent properly storing your fencing equipment this fall can prevent repairing and recharging in the spring. By following the tips below, you can protect netting from rodents and maintain energizer batteries over the winter. The result? More time grazing with less downtime.

The videos below demonstrate how to successfully store netting and solar/battery energizers:
Properly Storing Electric Netting
How To Store Electric Netting
Electric netting needs to be folded, then rolled when moving or preparing it for storage.

Walk along the fence, progressively removing the posts from the soil and holding them in your hand in a tidy bundle. This allows the netting to fold together into pleats as it drags along behind you. Remove twigs and trash from the net as you fold it up.

After the length of netting is folded, pick up the posts as a group and shake it. This allows the folded pleats to straighten themselves. Then place the netting on the ground and roll up the folds. Start at the end without posts and roll toward the posts. Firmly secure the roll using the pre-attached tie strings.

Once complete, hang the netting in a barn or shed. Storing net on the ground will encourage mice to nest in it, which may cause damage to the conductors.
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Properly Storing Energizers & Batteries
How To Store Energizers & Batteries
Batteries must maintain above a 40% charge at all times until ready to use. Falling below a 40% charge will damage a batteries’ ability to hold a charge or to be recharged.

Solar units: Turn off and disconnect the energizer from the fence. Face the panel south (toward sun) and let it charge for 1-2 days. Disconnect leads from the battery terminals and store the unit in a temperature controlled climate.

Batteries: Charge batteries to full and store in a temperature controlled climate. A Battery Charge Meter can be used to monitor the amount of charge remaining.
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Essential Winter Supplies
Prima Heat Lamp & Stand
Prima Heat Lamp
Use to warm lambs, goat kids, chickens, ducks or for any animal that is sick or cold. Optional Lamp Stand easily adjusts for simple temperature control.
Premier UltraScreen™
Premier UltraScreen™
Attractive, long lasting, breathable, proven screen for barns, sheds, chicken tractors. Provides exceptional ventilation while keeping out the elements.
Lambing & Kidding Supplies
Lambing & Kidding Supplies
Build an orphan or creep pen with a heat lamp, orphan feeding buckets and wire panels. The light attracts lambs and goat kids to the creep feeder.
Wire Panels for Lambing and Kidding Pens
Wire Panels
Welded wire panels can fill a variety of farm and ranch needs. They make ideal temporary pens for sheep and goats.
Heated Poultry Waterer
Heated Poultry Waterer
Heated waterer prevents ice from forming while keeping the water inside fresh and clean.
Heated Pet Bowl
Heated Pet Bowl
For watering your outdoor pets without worrying about freezing temperatures.
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