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Feeding orphan lambs and goat kids

Small scale feeders and feeding buckets are just the right size when a few orphans are to be reared.

It’s Lambing Season!
The lambing jugs are full, the udders are filling out and we’re stocked up on lambing supplies like ear tags, “O” Rings and Pritchard Teats.
During lambing, many producers are faced with the problem of feeding lambs and kids that are suffering from exposure and weakness. Which is why it's essential that newborns have access to adequate colostrum within their first hours of life. Feeding warm colostrum with a stomach tuber may be the difference between life and death.
We know that “tubing” can be intimidating for those new to it, but the process is not difficult. No force is required. When done properly, it can be as safe to “tube” a newborn lamb or goat kid as it is to feed from a teat and bottle.
Using a tuber to hydrate a lamb
Use a Tuber to Hydrate a Lamb
Some lambs that have not taken to a nipple or lack the energy to drink may need to be fed via syringe and stomach tube.
Tubing DO’s and DON’Ts:
If possible, do not force the milk into the stomach with the plunger. We allow it to run in by gravity.
Never use dirty tubes or syringes. If practical, wash after each use.
Syringes and tubes wear out without warning. So buy replacements early.
Do not tube a lamb or kid that’s too chilled to raise its head. Warm it first.
Dip the end of the tube in milk (to lubricate it) before insertion.
How To Tube a Lamb
For more information on managing colostrum and storage, Sheep & Goat Specialist Susan Schoenian has written an excellent article entitled, Colostrum: Liquid Gold.
Other Essentials for the Lambing & Kidding Barn
Below are the most used items in our lambing kit—we don’t go to the barn without them.
Stomach Tubes and Syringes
Stomach Tubes — $1.70
140cc Syringe — $6.70
Few tools return more profit per $$ invested than “a tuber.” We’re surprised how often a weak lamb thrives after receiving proper nutrition.
Ear Tags
Ear Tags
Ear tags are an essential tool in livestock management. They provide a visual aid for unique identification and can help to identify sex, year of birth, sire, dam and much more.
Marking Aids
Marking Aids
For clear and precise livestock identification. Premier’s many marking devices offer a multitude of uses.
SuperLube™ — from $4.40
Antiseptic lubricant to aid in birthing and repair of prolapses. Wear Latex or OB gloves for better biosecurity and clean up.
Wide Mouth Lamb ‘N’ Kid Feeding Bottle
Wide Mouth Lamb ‘N’ Kid Feeding Bottle — $5.45
Easy to clean, wide mouth plastic bottle for milk replacer or colostrum. Fits in our bottle racks for hands-free feeding.
O Rings
"O" Rings — from $1.75
If you dock tails or castrate males, using “O” Rings are our preferred method. Use ring expanders to apply the “O” Rings.
Auto-Feeding LAC-TEK Milk Machine
Auto-Feeding LAC-TEK Milk Machine
An automatic dispenser to provide a constant, uniform and easily accessible supply of milk replacer or formula for lambs and goat kids.
Kiwi Crook
Kiwi Crook™ — $40
For catching sheep and/or goats by the neck or leg. Features self-locking lever on the leg portion ensuring animal remains caught until released.
Gambrels and halters can be effective tools for controlling lively ewes or does.
Advance™ Arrest Energy Supplement
Advance™ Arrest Energy Supplement
Special Price! was $2.75 now $1.90
(Note: Short expiration date of March 20, 2017)
An energy supplement with electrolytes. Contains a gelling agent to help rapidly restore lost fluids.
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