Egg Stamps and Ink

An incredibly fast, easy way to customize eggs.


540100 Egg Stamp - "Free Range" In Stock 0.80 $37.00
540101 Egg Stamp - "Organic" In Stock 0.80 $37.00
540102 Egg Stamp - "Illustration of the Sun" In Stock 0.80 $37.00
540103 Egg Stamp - "Illustration of a Chicken" In Stock 0.80 $37.00
540106 Ink Only (Red Ink Refill) for Egg Stamps In Stock 0.10 $3.65

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  • Diameter: 1.25"
  • Height: 3"
  • Food grade ink
  • Boil-proof red ink
  • Refillable
  • Built-in ink pad

Note: The first ink filling lasts for approximately 30,000 imprints.

After that you can easily refill the stamp for another 20,000 stamp imprints per refill.

How to use

Before stamping your first egg, make a few imprints on a napkin or piece of paper. Press stamp quickly and softly onto the egg. It should only touch the egg for a split second.


Use on fresh eggs only (not cooked). Make sure egg is completely dry. Ink will bleed if the egg is wet.

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