PermaNet® 12/68/6 Electric Netting

The tallest netting we offer (5 ft 8 in. tall, erected). Effective fence for livestock and deer. The verticals are every 6 in. with 12 horizontals. Supplied with double-spike posts for extra support. White, black and green in color.

Note: Also see PermaNet 19/68/3, which has verticals every 3 in. with 19 horizontals.

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206515 PermaNet® 12/68/6 (68" X 82' green roll), double spike In Stock 26.00 $210.00

Electric Netting Installation

Electric Netting - Ends, Corners and Gates

Properly Storing Electric Netting

Electric Netting Inst [506 KB]
HotGate Handle Kit Inst [94 KB]
Diagram & Accessories [332 KB]
How to Repair Netting & Repair Kits [40 KB]

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Common Uses

Keeps in sheep, goats, cattle and dogs. Keeps out deer, bear, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and stray dogs.


  • 12 horizontals (11 electrified)
  • Horizontals are white and green
  • Horizontal spacings from bottom to top are: 6", 6", 6", 6", 6", 6", 6", 6", 6", 6", 8"
  • Verticals are green plastic strings placed every 6"
  • Posts are .75" PVC with a metal spike that goes into the ground.
  • Posts are available with a double spike (DS) that goes into the ground.
  • Post spikes are 7" long and .31".
  • Posts are spaced every 8'
  • 68" tall
  • Comes in 82' lengths
  • 40 Ohms of resistance per 1000'

Each net comes with 1 Warning Sign and 1 Repair Kit.


Sturdier than other nets with regular posts. Still portable to move if needed. Secure for a wide range of animals. Visible for animals against all back grounds. End posts act as built in gates. DS posts are more stable in soft soils.

HotGate® Handle Kit (See under "Accessories Tab" above) can be used with this net to make a gate opening.


#206515 - $2.56 per ft (82' roll with double spike posts).


See PDF above for installation instructions.

Weed issues
Weeds must be controlled for PermaNet to remain effective. Either move and mow as needed during the growing season, or spray herbicide (see photos above) along the bottom strand of the net.
If you can’t do this, PermaNet may not be the right net for you.


This is a pain barrier, not a physical barrier. If animals are scared or starved it will not keep them in.

It is best to have animals trained to electric fencing before you turn them out in the net only. The first time you put the animals in the net, you should be available to watch them for a while. That way if one were to get into the fence and get caught, you can turn the power off and get them loose.

Even though this net is more stable than other nets, extra posts may still be needed to keep the hot strands off of the ground.

Dry conditions and wintertime usages—may reduce the effectiveness of electric fencing.

Dry or frozen ground many cause the NetPost spikes to bend or break if inserted with force. Pilot holes may be needed.


If the voltage drops below 3000v on the net, you need to turn off the energizer and unhook the net from the energizer. Test just the energizer by itself. If the voltage is 5000v or higher on the energizer the problem is in the net. The most common problem is that the lowest 'hot' strand has been caught around one of the metal spikes on the posts and is shorting it out. The net must be at least 2" away from anything metal (metal posts, existing fences, spikes on support posts).


With proper care, netting should last 5-7 years. Replacements will be prorated

Listed below are recommended optional components. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our fence consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
Item # 114100 - In Stock
Solar powered 0.50 joule energizer.
Item # 114110 - In Stock
Solar powered 0.5 joule energizer.
Item # 114120 - In Stock
Solar powered 0.25 joule energizer.
Item # 134100 - In Stock
Device to indicate the approximate voltage on your electric fence.
Item # 163800 - In Stock
Premier's MaxiShock 7 strand cable covered with pliable plastic insulation.
Item # 321981 - In Stock
Temporary fence post. Great for extra support on corners, curves and ends of temporary fence lines. They also excel as corner/curve/end support posts for our taller nets (PermaNet, PoultryNet, Deer QuikFence).
Item # 340150 - In Stock
Borrows the insulated PoultryNet HotGate handles and allows for easy access into any netting enclosure.
Item # 346000 - In Stock
Attaches to an electric fence to warn people that the fence is electrified.
Item # 206511 - In Stock
These are replacement posts only for Premier's netting. (Not all shown at right.)
Item # 201730 - In Stock
A handy kit that includes all of the essentials to repair tears and holes made by animals, weed-eaters, lawnmowers and whatever else may have damaged the net.
Item # 200500 - In Stock
Neat item used to repair broken horizontals in electric netting.
Item # 200900 - In Stock
This clip is designed to connect all the horizontals on any electrified netting together electrically.
Item # 206502 - In Stock
Replaces lost, misplaced or broken plastic caps (for posts 0.75" in diameter) on netting posts. Holds top strand of net in place so there is less sagging.
Item # 206503 - In Stock
Replacement clip designed for the steel spikes on posts.
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Date: November 15, 2013
Waverly G from Vermont
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Great fence! Purchased for 2 goats that were jumping over a 4 foot high fence. Installation with my daughter of 3 lengths of fence in under an hour. Fence is sturdy. Have had no problems with goats loose in the yard (and my wife's plants!) since. Would definitely recommend
Date: January 23, 2013
Robert M from NC
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Great fence. Easy to put up in a wooded area and having the posts close together makes it more stable.