Ram Ejaculator

A smooth probe that is inserted in the rectum of the ram.

Pressing the button produces a low-voltage impulse that causes the ram to ejaculate. Semen is then collected in a sterile container for later examination by a veterinarian for the quantity of live and active sperm. Enables rams to be checked for sperm quality before a breeding season--thus avoiding costly mistakes.


509000 Ram Ejaculator In Stock 1.10 $431.00
509001 Replacement 9v Battery (ea.) In Stock 0.06 $24.00


  • 13.5" total length
  • 6" probe length
  • 1" probe diameter
  • Comes with Scotch-Brite pad for cleaning and 9 volt battery.


  • High/low switch
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with extra battery

How to Use

For best results, clean and lightly lubricate the probe. After insertion of the probe, massage the prostate with the probe 8 to 10 times. Push the button for 4 - 6 seconds, release for 5 - 8 seconds. Massage during the rest period is recommended. The number of times and length will be determined by the ejaculation of the ram.


Electrodes are made of brass and may corrode. Occasionally clean the electrodes with a scotch-brite pad. Discoloration of the electrodes will affect the performance. Make sure to keep clean. Use standard 9 volt batteries when replacing batteries.

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