Dehorner (disbudder)

The Rhinehart X-50A is a powerful 110v plug-in dehorner designed to stop the growth of horn cells in livestock.

The dehorner arrives to you with a goat-sized tip attached and ready for use.


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Dehorner Instructions [160 KB]

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Common Uses

For removing horn spurs from goat kids, lambs and calves. Dehorn goat kids between 3 days to 3 weeks of age. Burns the bud to stop growth.


  • Arrives with 2 tips--one for calves, the other for goats and lambs.
  • 2.2 lbs
  • 10" long
  • 6" grip
  • 1/2" small dehorn tip
  • 7' cord
  • 3/4" diameter tip
  • Max temperature 1000˚ F
  • 239 watts
  • Thermostatically controlled


The site is instantly cauterized with no blood loss or risk of infection.

How to Use

  1. If you prefer/need the larger cattle tip, make sure the unit is unplugged and has cooled down Warning--temperature can exceed 1000˚ F. To remove the tip, hold it with a tool or your hand and unscrew the bolt and washer located on the underside.
  2. The lever on the dehorner should remain at "D" for all dehorning. The "S" is for those that have the tip for soldering.
  3. Allow 10 - 12 minutes for the dehorner to heat up before using. Apply to the horn base for approximately 10 seconds. For more detailed instructions, reference Rhinehart's directions.


  • Tip is very very hot. DO NOT TOUCH.
  • Works best on kid goats that are about 3 days old. Use when the horn nub is barely there.
  • Make sure the animal is held so it cannot move its head during burning.

Trouble Shooting

Test tip on a old board to see if it is hot enough. If you get a solid dark burn ring then it is ready to use. Only hold on board for about 10 seconds.

Make sure the lever is set on "D" for dehorning. Not "S" for soldering.

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Date: May 15, 2012
Carolyn B from Texas/Southeast
Would you recommend this product? Yes
When we received it, the disbudding iron was already set up for goats with the device set to D (for disbudding). This is horibble work to have to do on a very young animal, and this iron makes it a snap. We just used this the other day, so we are waiting to see the results. So far, healing up nicely.
Date: May 27, 2010
Would you recommend this product? Yes
This dehorner works very well. It gets hot enough and stays hot. There is no wait time between kids. The only issue is the handle can also get warm.