Patriot P5 (Plug-In) Energizer Kit

1 - Patriot P5 Energizer
1 - 5 Light Tester
1 - 3 ft Ground Rod & clamp
1 - 100 ft roll of MaxiShock Single Insulated Cable


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1 - Patriot P5 Energizer
1 - 5 Light Tester
1 - 3 ft Ground Rod & clamp
1 - 100 ft roll of MaxiShock Single Insulated Cable

Patriot P5

  • .7 Max. stored joules
  • .5 Max. released joules
  • .4 joules in moist soils
  • .2 joules in dry soils
  • Comes with a 110v plug-in adapter with a 6' cord and a 12v battery adapter
  • Will power 1 mile of 3 strand cattle fence, 1/2 mile of a 5-7 strand sheep fence, 6 of the 164' sheep/goat nets and 3 of the 164' poultry nets. All distances are dependent on amount of grass/weed load on the fence.
  • Requires 1.5' of ground rod in the ground
  • Draws 4.5 watts per hour
  • Draw from a 12v battery is 42 milliampere (mA) per hour. With this energizer a 12v 100 ampere hour, deep cycle battery will last approximately 59 days* on a clean or a weedy fence. *Assumes being drawn down to 40% between recharges.
  • Can use a 6-10 Watt solar panel with the Patriot P5 (not included in kit).
  • Manufactured by Tru Test

5-Light Tester
  • Tester body: 5" long x 1 3/4" wide
  • Cable: 5' long
  • Ground probe: 4" long

Ground Rod
  • Galvanized
  • 3' long
  • 1/2" diameter
  • 3' rod as a head on one end

  • Hose-style
  • Stainless steel
  • 0.5" wide
  • Tightening screw attached

100 ft MaxiShock Single ins. Cable
  • Extra-thick layer of galvanized zinc
  • Low tensile strength
  • 7 strand cable
  • 1.7 mm diameter
  • 10 years of probable life
  • 160 lbs breaking strength
  • Rated for up to 20,000 volts protection


Patriot P5: Versatile, can be used as a plug-in energizer or as a battery energizer. Adapts from one style to the other in a few seconds. Easily moved around. Low cost.

5-Light Tester: Low cost way to make sure you have enough volts on the fence to keep animals in and predators out.

Ground rod and clamp: Galvanized rod does not rust or corrode.

100 ft MaxiShock Single ins. Cable: It's extra-thick layer of galvanized zinc will protect the connection from rusting for years. Unlike normal insulated fence wire, MaxiShock insulated cable does not require special connectors.

How to Use

Patriot P5:

The Patriot P5 can be mounted either inside or outside of a building, but not where there is risk of fire. The energizer must be mounted vertically. Protect the energizer from direct rainfall or flooding.

  1. Connect insulated cable (stripped back 1 - 2" on ends) to the fence terminal on energizer, run the cable to the fence line and connect, or use the positive part of the Wiring Harness, not included.
  2. Then run a second length of cable from the ground terminal (with ends stripped again) on the energizer to the ground rod, or use the negative part of the Wiring Harness, not included.
  3. Secure to ground rod with a clamp.
  4. Plug into outlet and test fence.

5-Light Tester

    For Fence:
  1. Insert the probe of the tester into the soil.
  2. Remove your hand from the metal portion of the probe (to avoid a shock).
  3. To get a voltage reading, touch the metal clip (on the top of the tester) to the electrified fence you wish to test.
  4. The tester will light up according to the voltage at that location on the fence.
  5. Remove the tester from the fence and the probe from the soil. Do not remove the probe by pulling the insulated wire.

    For Energizer:
  1. Turn off energizer.
  2. Disconnect ground wire and fence wire from energizer.
  3. Turn on energizer.
  4. Touch probe from tester to ground terminal on energizer (be sure to hold onto the insulated wire and not the metal probe!)
  5. At same time touch the fence hook on tester to fence terminal on energizer.
  6. The tester should light up to 6000 volts or more.

Ground rod and clamp

  1. Allow 3 ft of rod per joule of energy released.
  2. Use multiple 6 ft rods for large energizers and 3 ft rods for smaller energizers (and lightning diverters).
  3. Make sure to put the ground rod all the way into the ground.
  4. To attach ground wire, strip the coating off the wire 1" - 2" and make an elongated "U" in the wire.
  5. Put the "U" against the rod and put the clamp around it. Tighten.

100 ft MaxiShock Single ins. Cable:
Just cut the soft wire cable with a knife, strip off the insulation and wrap it 4 or more times around the wire by hand. It can be removed and reinstalled many times


Patriot P5:

  • Make sure the energizer is unplugged before working on the fence or the energizer.
  • When using a 12v deep cycle battery, there is no case to protect the battery, so the battery will be exposed to the elements and risk of theft.
  • This unit is not modular, therefore it is not repairable.

Ground rod and clamp: When installing more than one ground rod, space the ground rods apart 2 feet longer than the rod. Example 3' rods should be spaced 5' apart.

Trouble Shooting

Patriot P5
To determine if the fault is with the fence or the energizer...

  1. Test the energizer first
  2. Turn off energizer.
  3. Disconnect ground wire and the fence wire.
  4. Turn energizer back on.
  5. With fence tester, put the ground probe (or clamp) to the ground terminal on the energizer and the metal loop (or positive clamp) at the top of the tester to the fence/positive terminal. The reading you get tells you how well the energizer is working without any other variables. If there is a very low voltage (under 4000v) or no voltage, then the energizer may have a problem. If the voltage is high (greater than 4000v) then the trouble lies with your fence. Most energizers put out between 5000v and 8000v when there is no load (i.e. no fence hooked up).
If the energizer is faulty and you're using the Patriot P5 as a 110 volt plug-in unit ...
  1. Check that the 110v outlet is "live" by using a plug-in drill or test light.
  2. If the test light works and the energizer does not, call Premier.

If the energizer is faulty and you are using the Patriot P5 as a battery unit you need to learn if the battery or the energizer is the problem…

  1. If it's a 12 volt energizer carry the unit to a nearby vehicle and attach the input cords carefully to the vehicle's battery.
  2. If the energizer now works, then your fencer's battery needs to be recharged or replaced.
  3. If the energizer does not work, then you should call Premier re. repairs.

If the fence is at fault, then you must find the fault(s) and fix them. Here's how to start this process:
If you have a Fault Finder you can simply touch the fence with the Fault Finder at various points along the electric fence(s). The Fault Finder will tell you at each point which direction to go in to locate the problem. Move in that direction testing as you go and you will arrive at the problem.

If you lack a Fault Finder…

  1. Walk or drive along the fence looking for any point in which the energized wires touch the soil, a steel post or a steel wire. On HT wire fences, check the wires at braces to see if they are touching a hot wire. On netting, look for a hot wire touching the metal stake at the bottom of the plastic posts. Also look for damaged insulators.
  2. If the fence can be separated into several parts (by switches or by disconnecting parts of it), you can locate the problem by beginning at the far end and then progressively turn off or disconnect the sections of fence. When the voltage on the remaining fence rises sharply, you've located the section(s) that's causing the problems.
  3. The alternative to (2.) is to begin at the fencer and progressively turn on sections of the fence. When the voltage suddenly drops you can assume that the problem is in the section most recently connected.

5-Light Tester:
  • Make sure that the probe has not become separated from the black insulated wire.
  • Cup your hands around the body of the tester to keep the sun's glare off the lights of the tester.

Ground Rod and Clamp:
If you are not getting a good reading on your fence:
  • Make sure to have the ground rod all the way into the ground
  • Make sure you have a good connection to the ground rod
  • Make sure to have a good connection on the energizer and fence


Patriot P5

2-Year Warranty covers lightning damage and defective parts or workmanship. Should a Patriot energizer fail, we will replace the unit, bill you for the cost to do so, then reimburse you after we have been able to examine the failed unit to determine the cause(s).

Listed below are recommended optional components or related items. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
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Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 15 customers reviewed this product.

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Date: August 12, 2014
Jerry N from Georgia
Would you recommend this product? Yes
The quality of the goat and chicken electric netting is superior. My order arrived as expected, complete and well packed. The video help online is excellent.
Date: August 5, 2014
JOE L from IL
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Easy set-up, quality item, super fast shipping.
Date: June 21, 2014
O M from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Very fast shipping and super quility fence. Easy to install and operate. Nice you can hear when it is on- tiny clicking, so you can't get zapped.
Date: May 26, 2014
Ruth C from Ma
Would you recommend this product? Yes
We use this to fence a backyard vegetable garden. The kit came with everything we needed and the setup was straightforward. The documentation is good and the telephone support is outstanding. We chose the green color and and are very satisfied with the non-intrusive appearance. This is a good solution for homeowners who abut conservation land as we do.
Date: June 4, 2013
Michael S from vermont
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Ordered this with 2 100' rolls of perma-net. I'm getting 4000 volts. I have it connected to a solar charge controller and a 12v rechargable battery with a 12v solar panel charging it. I'm using this to keep in Goats. it's only been 24hrs since setting it up , and so far it's working well, I forced each goat to get a couple shocks so they would respect the far they have.
Date: April 22, 2013
CINDY B from NE Ohio
Would you recommend this product? Yes
This fencer was so easy to set up! Works great with the poultry net. I love that I can use it with a battery or plug in. Also like the tester that came with it. So very easy to use.
Date: November 18, 2012
Donald A from TN
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Easy to use. It had what I needed. Would buy again.
Date: October 2, 2012
sonia h from Florida
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Very good product, working great and keeping the chickens in and predators out.
Date: June 24, 2012
Linda K from Southwest Missouri
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Works great with the poultry netting. Very easy to install and the netting showed 3.0 as soon as I hooked it up and plugged it in. Haven't lost a chicken since using the product.
Date: May 27, 2012
Bruce M from SE Idaho
Great little energizer and love the fact that I can attach it to a battery or plug it in. Keeps the fence at about 4000 volts...enough to about knock me on my butt (don't ever forget when it's energized).
Date: April 12, 2012
Dale P from Alabama
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Great energizer! I've got mine on the netting and I have a total of 528 feet of fencing. I moved my fence last night and didn't trim any of the grass away from the fence path. I measured the voltage and I had 5000 volts. I plan to add another 400 feet to this fence and I don't have any concerns about having enough JUICE! I recommend!
Date: September 23, 2011
Walter R from CT
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Keeps my chickens and ducks in the fenced area and the dogs out! Works great!
Date: September 6, 2010
Carl C
Would you recommend this product? Yes
As wrote in my review of the fence, the voltage is too high for pets. The energizer works very well. It would be perfect if the voltage could be regulated.
Date: August 19, 2010
Nathan S
Would you recommend this product? Yes
I've been using this for 2 months now with the electric netting. I haven't had anything come in the fence. I have had a chicken or two get out though. It sure gave me a good shock.
Date: August 8, 2010
Tammy S
Would you recommend this product? Yes
purchased this with our netting a few weeks ago. has been in use for about 2 weeks and so far no problems. we only ordered the basic 164 ft of fencing and it keeps it charged very well.
Date: July 28, 2010
ellen p
Would you recommend this product? Yes
This little energizer claims to energize 5 miles of electronet fencing. I'm slowly adding on to my poultry netting, and so far, so good. Easy to connect. All accessories provided. No complaints.