OB S-Curve Needle

Use the S-Curve Needle for prolapse repair and securing rectal rings.

Use with Umbilical Tape (see below).


888030 OB S-Curve Needle In Stock 0.10 $2.70
888040 Umbilical Tape 1/8" In Stock 0.10 $9.50
888041 Umbilical Tape 3/8" In Stock 0.10 $12.70


  • Plated steel that can be sterilized
  • 5" long


S-curve allows you to push the needle easily through the correct location.

How to Use

Stitching a Prolapse:

  1. Thread needle with tape.
  2. Clean and push in the prolapse.
  3. Stitch the lips of the vulva together.
  4. You can tie off at each stitch or zig zag back and forth like lacing a shoe and tie off at the end.

  • Make sure that the area to be stitched is clean. Keep the ewe in a well bedded area and watch for infection.
  • When the ewe starts to lamb cut the stitches or she may tear them out as she pushes.

Listed below are recommended optional components or related items. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
Item # 553500 - In Stock
For removing mucus and amniotic fluid from nasal passages after lambing. Quick and easy.
Item # 559000 - In Stock
Least expensive response to vaginal prolapses. Every shepherd should have at least one on hand.
Item # 560000 - In Stock
The most effective and gentle "antidote" for a prolapse. The soft red nylon webbing minimizes risk of tissue damage around the udder and vulva (a much too frequent result of homemade twine efforts).
Item # 888040 - In Stock
Non-Sterile Umbilical Tape made by Jorgensen.
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