Brace Pins

Two sizes available: 5 in. and 10 in.

For securing strain posts to cross braces in single and double-H braces.


339100 Brace Pin, 10" long In Stock 0.28 $0.58
339200 Brace Pin, 5" long In Stock 0.20 $0.31


  • 3/8" diameter
  • 5" and 10" length
  • Galvanized steel

How to Use

10" Brace Pin:

  1. For brace posts, drill a 3/8" hole at desired height through end post.
  2. With a hammer, drive 10" pin through the post, leaving about 1" out so the brace wire can hook over it. (This is on the outside of end post.)
  3. Drill another 3/8" hole in end of wood cross post and slide it onto the pin that is coming through the inside. (Use a 5" pin for the other end of cross post.)
5" Brace Pin:
  1. Drill a 3/8" hole 3" deep at desired height into end post.
  2. With a hammer, drive the pin into hole.
  3. Drill another hole into the end of cross brace and put brace onto the pin.
  4. Follow same steps at the other end of cross post.

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Robert G from Arkansas
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First time purchase from this company. After checking various websites I found Premier 1 had exactly what I was looking for at the best price available. After placing the order, it shipped right out within a day or so and was delivered very quickly. Before the order shipped I contacted customer service to see if a change could be made and it was done over the phone with no problem. I appreciate that type of responsiveness from a company and would highly recommend Premier 1.