Phillips Auto Drench Gun

Most reliable unit from Australia. Cylinder is more durable and ergonomic than other guns.

Nozzle shape is easy to use. Flat plastic bottle with 2 shoulder straps fits out of the way on the user's back.


652000 Phillips Auto Drench Gun, Complete Unit In Stock 3.12 $150.00
6520031 Cylinder In Stock 0.50 $10.08
6520241 Phillip's Minor Repair Kit In Stock 0.10 $19.04
6520243 Phillip's Major Repair Kit In Stock 0.10 $36.64

Auto Drencher Manual [744 KB]

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Common Uses

For oral drenching large groups of animals.


  • Adjusts from 0 - 20 ml
  • Backpack holds 3 qt
  • Metal gun: 8" long x 7" wide
  • Glass barrel: 3" long x 1" diameter
  • Repair kits available (separate parts are not available).
  • Made in Australia

Minor Kit #6520241 contains:

  1. Nozzle Seal Ring
  2. Delivery Valve Assembly
  3. Cylinder Seal Ring
  4. Piston Assembly
  5. Push Rod Seal Ring
  6. Inlet Adaptor Seal Ring
  7. Inlet Valve Assembly

Major Kit #6520243 contains:

  1. Nozzle Seal Ring
  2. Delivery Valve Cage
  3. Cylinder Seal Ring
  4. Cylinder
  5. Piston Assembly
  6. Push Rod Seal Ring
  7. Inlet Adaptor Seal Ring
  8. Inlet Valve Assembly
  9. Handle Insert
  10. Return Spring
  11. Lever Pivot Pin Clip
  12. Lever Pads

How to Use

See PDF above.


Valve system is complex and should be cleaned after use, especially when using the "white" dewormers.

Lubricants other than those in indicated may damage the rubber components in this instrument.

Listed below are recommended optional components or related items. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
Item # 654520 - In Stock
Nylon belt/holster holds a wide range of automatic syringes and drenchers.
Item # 888114 - In Stock
1000 ml. Cattle Dewormer Suspension 9.06%. Broad-spectrum anthelmintic. Effective for removal and control of following parasites in cattle: lungworms, stomach worms, small and brown stomach worms, barberpole worms, intestinal worms, nodular worms, hookworms, small intestinal worms and tapeworms.
Item # 888119 - In Stock
For treatment and control of adult and fourth-stage larvae for sheep only.
Item # 888137 - In Stock
For use in healthy sheep to control 13 types of adult and larval stages of internal parasites.
Item # 888150 - In Stock
960 ml bottle
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Date: August 31, 2014
Wade G from Iowa
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Excellent product.
Date: October 22, 2012
Martin S from Texas
Would you recommend this product? Yes
I really like this drencher most out of the ones I've used before. It's metal cylinder that surrounds the plastic plunger tube provides more strength & durability when used under my demanding conditions. Other brands had the plastic plunger tube attached directly to the handle without reinforcement and they would always break off. The only down side is the drencher is high maintenance
Date: March 21, 2012
Leslie W from PA
The plastic hose will not stay on the gun nozzle, so it ends up coming off and pouring your drench product over the floor. Very frustrating and costly. otherwise, decent product.