Premier 4000 Clipper/Shearing Motor Only

4000 clipping/shearing motor only.


828007 Premier 4000 Clipper/Shearing Motor Only In Stock 2.20 $210.00

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The following items are used, which have been returned to Premier, but in good working condition. All sales are final, no returns. While supplies last.

8280079 UD - Premier 4000 Clipper/Shearing Motor Only In Stock 2.20 $178.00

Common Uses

Used to run shear heads and clipper heads.


  • Quiet- less motor "whine" is kinder to your ears and less likely to upset animals.
  • Permanent rare-earth magnet motors enable more torque (power) and require less space and weight than ordinary motors.
  • Less heat is produced by the permanent magnet motor and the fan forces air forward through our heads- so the heads run 20 degrees F cooler.
  • Up to 20% shorter in length than other motors.
  • Weighs up to 15% less than other motors.
  • 15% smaller grip than other motors.
  • No need for 2 motors if you don't want them- 1 motor will run shear heads or clipper heads (but not both at the same time.)

Lighter, quieter and easier to handle.


Failure to oil as often as recommended may lead to excess heat and premature wear and tear.

Warning: Unlike some other clipper motors, this motor will neither slow down nor sound different when oil is needed. But failure to oil will quickly cause damage to the blades and drive head. So you MUST apply oil by time instead of sound. Apply a small amount of oil every 3 minutes to the tips of the teeth and each side of the blade by dipping them into a dish of oil or pouring oil directly onto the teeth with a small oil container and every 10 minutes drip oil into the small hole behind the tension knob assembly. Excessive wear can occur if not oiled properly!


Covers all labor and parts for 3 years from the date of purchase. With the exceptions of abuse (i.e. dropping it) and neglect (failure to oil frequently enough).

Listed below are recommended optional components or related items. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
Item # 824000 - In Stock
Case is supplied with a 4 oz bottle of oil, manual and keys for locking if desired.
Item # 824607 - In Stock
Genuine leather sleeve to care for and enclose your Premier shears.
Item # 824608 - In Stock
Genuine leather sleeve to care for and enclose your Premier clippers.
Item # 828004 - In Stock
Two uses in one! Quickly and easily interchanges with our shear head in just 3 minutes!
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