Heiniger's ONE Shearing Machine

The best single speed machine in the world today.

Complete ONE Machine includes:

  • Shearing Machine Motor
  • Icon handpiece
  • 13 tooth comb
  • 4 pt. cutter
  • Flexible drive shaft
  • Ferrule
  • Clipping oil and grease
  • Instructions for use


830401 Handpiece Only (Heiniger Icon) In Stock 3.50 $659.00
830402 Heiniger ONE Complete - 110 volt, single speed, pin drive, complete with long flex shaft, Icon handpiece, oil, screwdriver, grease and ferrule In Stock 28.00 $1729.00
8304021 Heiniger ONE Machine Motor less handpiece In Stock 20.50 $1333.00
8304025 Motor Only (Heiniger ONE) In Stock 15.50 $798.00
830404 Ferrule Only (Heiniger ONE) In Stock 0.50 $38.00
830405 Flexible Drive Shaft Only (Heiniger ONE) In Stock 5.60 $380.00
830450 HeinigerOne SS Shearing Unit (complete) Worm Drive Back-ordered
Expected on 01/28/2016
28.00 $1729.00
830451 HeinigerOne SS Flex Shaft Complete, Worm Drive, 6 ft In Stock 5.60 $380.00
830452 ICON Heiniger Handpiece, Worm Drive In Stock 3.50 $659.00

Used Items

The following items are used, which have been returned to Premier, but in good working condition. All sales are final, no returns. While supplies last.

8304019 UD - Handpiece Only (Heiniger Icon) In Stock 3.50 $629.00

Professional large flock shearing demonstrated and narrated by Ivan Kaden, professional shearer.

Common Uses

For shearing large flocks of sheep & goats.


  • 300 watt, 110 volt, 60 cycle, 3500 rpm motor
  • Icon handpiece - color varies with shipment. The color of the handpiece varies in our in-use photos too.


  • Has ball-bearing support at the top; precise square shaft fit between drive shaft and motor (instead of bayonet) to reduce vibration; and outer sleeve that is not sensitive to either cold or hot temperatures. Will drive Heiniger, Oster, Super Shear and Lister handpieces.
  • Precision made in Switzerland.
  • Can use all combs and 4 point cutters as well as most from other firms.
  • Recognized by "pros" as the world's finest handpiece.
Listed below are recommended optional components or related items. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
Item # 258200 - In Stock
NEW! Applicator bottles now have open/close screw tops to help eliminate leakage!
Item # 823700 - In Stock
Comb, cutter & clip set organizer.
Item # 870000 - In Stock
Resharpen your blades, combs or cutters.
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