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Fencing for Horses

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Temporary Fences for Horses

Rope or Tape Fences
The least expensive horse fence to buy. And it's the easiest to install and remove. » Read More

Semi-Permanent Fences for Horses

Horse QuikFence™ 4/48/24
What is it? » Read More
Rope Fences - Up to 5 strands
With the exception of portable fences, this is the least expensive horse fence to buy. It's also simple to install/remove, visible, effective, attractive, and not affected by wind. » Read More

Permanent Fences for Horses

Rope Fences - Up to 5 strands
A very popular horse fence due to its low cost and ease/speed of installation compared to vinyl, wood or woven wire permanent horse fences. » Read More
Combination Rope and SuperWide Tape Fence
Combination 5-strand fence » Read More
SuperWide Tape Fences
Up to 5 Strands of tape » Read More
EquiLine™ Star
What is it? » Read More
Guard Strands
Adding 1 or 2 "live" strands to any wood, vinyl or wire fence protects the horse from the fence and vice versa. The proper height for the "hot" strand depends on the fence and the height of... » Read More