Steel T Posts

For end, corner and curve posts for temporary and semi-permanent fences. Excellent line posts because they ground uninsulated wires and without causing rust. (Rust from painted T posts will cause high-carbon HT wire to rust much faster.)


327600 Steel T Posts, 6 ft. In Stock 9.13 $12.90
327800 Steel T Posts, 7 ft. In Stock 10.63 $14.15


Item #327600 has an additional handling fee of $5 per item.

Item #327800 has an additional handling fee of $5 per item.


  • 2 heights: 6' and 7'
  • A hot-dip galvanized coated steel
  • Stronger and more robust than most store posts.


A hot-dip galvanized coating can triple a post's life, appearance and grounding ability


Put T-Post driver over post. Drive into ground until the spade on the side of the post is buried.


Make sure to have the all line posts facing the same directions so the same insulator can be used.

Listed below are recommended optional components or related items. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
Item # 328300 - Back-ordered
Expected on 12/18/2015
For driving T Posts and SupaReel support posts by hand.
Item # 328400 - In Stock
Makes it simple to remove posts by hand without effort or risk of damage to the post.
Item # 380000 - In Stock
For insulating and attaching a conductor to an in-line steel T post. Designed to fit over post stud--not between studs.
Item # 381000 - In Stock
For attaching and insulating low-tension fences to top of in-line steel T posts. Can also be used as a cover for tops of steel T posts anywhere along fence line.
Item # 381010 - In Stock
Protection for the jagged edges at top of steel T posts. Makes post visible at night.
Item # 390600 - In Stock
For attaching and insulating low-tension or high-tension conductors to an in-line steel T line post.
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