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Rams using marking harnesses for breeding ewes
Just in time for breeding season…
Campylobacter vaccine and pg 600® now in stock!
Breeding season for January lambs is fast approaching. For those who have had issues with Campylobacter and other bacterial abortion issues, right now is the time to vaccinate before breeding season begins.

Questions on vaccination protocol for abortion?
Consult G.F. Kennedy's (DVM, Pipestone Veterinary Service) article Abortion in Sheep.
pg 600
pg 600®
For induction of estrus in prepuberal gilts and weaned sows experiencing delayed return to estrus. 5 doses with diluent. 25 ml.
Use in combination with the Eazi-Breed CIDR. For best results, pull the CIDR after 10-13 days and give an injection of pg 600®. The ewe should exhibit heat 1-3 days following CIDR removal.
—Pipestone Veterinary Services
CIDR Inserts for Sheep
CIDR Inserts for Sheep
(pkg. of 20)
For induction of estrus in ewes (sheep) during seasonal anestrus. Seasonal anestrus is when ewes do not have regular estrous cycles outside the natural breeding season.
Using the product will require an applicator and some protective gloves. When inserting the CIDR into the ewe’s vaginal tract, we recommend an obstetrical lubricant with antibacterial activity.
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Campylobacter Fetus Jejuni Bacterin
Campylobacter Fetus Jejuni Bacterin (Colorado)
Intended for use in sheep to help prevent losses associated with late-term abortion caused by: Campylobacter fetus or C. jejuni. 50 and 125 dose bottles available.
Make sure to read the label and follow directions on when to vaccinate. Ewe lambs need two shots for best efficacy of all vaccines.
—Dr. Dan Morrical, Ph.D.
Premier's Sheep Production Advisor
July 26 & 27 — A New Direction in Sheep Breeding
Clay County Fairgrounds, Spencer, IA
(Held in conjunction with the NSIP Center of the Nation Sale)
Preregistration for this FREE program is recommended by July 17th.

Premier’s on-staff small ruminant nutritionist Dr. Dan Morrical will present on sire selection for commercial flocks and how to select rams using Estimated Breeding Values to maximize profit.

For more information, please contact Brenda Reau, USSA Director at 734-755-8282 or
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