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my ducks
Author: Lorri 
Date:   06-14-15 17:00

I am new to ducks and I have lost 3 in the last 4 days , I have a live trap set and I caught a opossum. I think it's a raccoon and I know I need to put up fencing, [ I have had the ducks here for 2 years and never had a problem ] I am not sure what I need would the raccoon net be enough to protect them a 100 ft, will be more than I need to lock them up at night. I do not know about energizers do I still need a battery, I am out here on my own and am reading your site and grateful it sounds pretty simple to set up , I will be grateful for any and all help, Thank you ,, Lorri

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 my ducks  new
Lorri 06-14-15 17:00 
 Re: my ducks  new
Sara 06-15-15 10:42 

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