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Low Voltage (poultrynet plus)
Author: Gary 
Date:   04-29-17 12:48

I have poultry net plus (50ft by 48in) that was up prior to being energized and a fox go in. We just energized it for the first time. Energizer works properly but the fence is only putting out 2,5kV. I walked the fence and only found one spot of concern. Could that really be the spot causing my problems? It doesn't look like the wires themselves are broke but the section is frayed. It's toward the bottom of the net which doesn't give much space for repairs so I guess I would need to cut and repair on both sides of the verticals wire.

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 Low Voltage (poultrynet plus)  new
Gary 04-29-17 12:48 
 Re: Low Voltage (poultrynet plus)  new
Sara 05-01-17 10:25 

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