IntelliTwine™ 2.25

Very conductive and visible polywire.

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253500 IntelliTwine™ 2.25, 660 ft. roll In Stock 2.00 $19.50
253510 IntelliTwine™ 2.25, 1320 ft. roll In Stock 3.50 $39.00
253520 IntelliTwine™ 2.25, 2000 ft. roll In Stock 5.00 $62.00

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Common Uses

Excellent for portable fences for cattle and sheep.


  • 5 years probable life
  • white/black/white color
  • 12 gauge/2.25 mm diameter
  • Fair visibility
  • Excellent portability
  • 41 ohms per 1000 feet
  • 240 lb breaking strength
  • Tin/copper conductors makes this 400 times more conductive than stainless steel polywires.


  • Easy to wind/rewind onto reels.
  • Excellent elasticity­--space posts up to 35 ft.
  • Small diameter enables reels to hold 2000 ft.
  • Pre-Wind Option—If you would like one of our conductors pre-wound on a SupaReel see Accessories tab above.


Approximate cost per ft 3¢


  1. Attach a terminal insulator to end post.
  2. Tie end of twine to terminal insulator.
  3. Unroll twine along the fence line. (Using Premier's reels makes this easier.)
  4. Insert line posts.
  5. Insert twine in line posts at the right height(s) for your animals (see below).
  6. Attach insulators (preferably the Notched PI 21n to corner and end posts.
  7. Tie twine to terminal insulator at far end post. By hand, pull it tight enough to eliminate sagging between posts. Tie off by hand, or leave it on the reel and attach to end post.
  8. Use one of our reels to rewind and store twine. EzeReels™ can be set on the ground next to fence. MiniReels are best hung from the fence.
  9. Install and connect energizer to a ground rod and the fence. Turn on energizer. Check to make sure voltage is over 2000 volts.

  • For Sheep:
  • 3-strand fence--35", 24", 12"
    5-strand fence--36", 27", 20", 13", 7"

  • For Cattle:
  • 3-strand fence--40", 27", 15"
    2-strand fence--34", 22"
    1-strand fence--34"

  • For Horses:
  • 2-strand fence--48", 24"

  • For Gardens:
  • 2-strand fence--15", 6"


If cutting the twine, lightly burn the ends with a lighter or match to avoid unraveling.

Listed below are recommended optional components. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our fence consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
Item # 237400 - In Stock
Used to secure the leading end of twine, rope or tape to an existing fence (woven, barbed and high-tensile wire) at the end of fence farthest from a reel.
Item # 369200 - In Stock
For insulating low-tension fences at corner and end posts and around trees. Notch eliminates need to thread strand of cable or twine through insulator.
Item # 346000 - In Stock
Attaches to an electric fence to warn people that the fence is electrified.
Item # 335500 - In Stock
For instant in-the-field connections.
Item # 320508 - In Stock
Temporary line post ideal for strip-grazing cattle and sheep.
Item # 238600 - In Stock
An effective reel for winding, unwinding and storing conductors. Less costly to use than other reels.
Item # 238000 - In Stock
An effective reel for winding, unwinding and storing conductors. The SupaReel is the strongest fence reel in the US. The only reel rugged enough to carry heavy conductors like steel MaxiShock™ and soft steel wire year in and year out without breaking when they're dropped (as reels often are in field usage).
Item # 237600 - In Stock
Most economical way to wind, unwind and store short lengths of a conductor. Lightweight but so resilient that breakage is very rare. Slot in the black handle allows reel to be hung from a fence wire.
Item # 391700 - In Stock
Snaps onto PigTail post to allow use of extra conductors.
Average Rating: 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 11 customers reviewed this product.

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Lightweight and easy to use in a portable and temporary fencing system. We would not use this for a permanent fencing situation as it lacks longevity (only 5 years of probable life) and thinner than our other conductors, thus it is very portable.
Date: September 23, 2015
Robert M
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Excellent product and very durable. I use it for strip grazing sheep and it is very portable. Product is much better (more durable and lighter) than similar wire purchased from my feed store. Step-in posts can be spaced at +/- 50' without much sagging.
Date: August 10, 2015
Jessica B
Would you recommend this product? Yes
My second time ordering this. Works very well and is light weight so doesn't sag too much between posts.
Date: May 4, 2015
Troy O from Western SD
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Over the years I have used different brands of polywire with mixed results. This year I started using Intellitwine 2.25. When I test an intellitwine fence, there is almost no difference over a 3700' single strand fence. I have never seen this with any other polywire.
Date: August 27, 2014
David/ K from iowa
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Very workable portable fencing.
Date: June 3, 2013
Toby or Debby D from KY
Would you recommend this product? Yes
After much hard use, some of the Intellitwine I purchased in 2007 is now mostly worn out, six years later! That's a year longer life than I expected. Some of that twine even survived two major ice storms without breaking. Some is still in service and in pretty good shape. Highly visible to our cattle, lightweight enough for a woman to carry around, and hot enough to stop a ton-plus bull in his tracks, as long as it is kept hooked to a good hot charger this product works as advertised. I use it wound onto the mini-reels to divide strip paddocks into daily rations for several different groups of cattle, including some mobs of fifty cows this year. Would like to have mini-reels that are less likely to break, however.
Date: March 6, 2013
Jeff D P from Oregon
Would you recommend this product? Yes
Great product. Have dozens of 1/4 mile reels in use many more than 10 years. Probably the best all around product we have used in more than 25 years of portable electric fencing. Much more visible to livestock than back when we (like everyone) falsely thought orange was good. Durable yet light weight enough to put post 60' apart and move a flat 1/4 miles section including posts in under a half hour with supareels.
Date: February 4, 2013
Sharon H from CA
Would you recommend this product? Yes
There is a reason I now will only be getting premier twine in the future even though there are other twines a lot cheaper. But they fell apart in less than a year so they were way more expensive in the long run. Especially considering labor. The worst was some orange twine that looked OK but the wires were so bad that no electricity was getting through. I spent a while on that one looking for a contact short and finally found with a tester that there just was not any electricity getting through.
Date: May 23, 2012
Stephen H from Texas
Would you recommend this product? Yes
We have been very pleased with this intelitwine! We have used it for 3 years now and it is still holding up nice and strong. We have several thousand feet all across the farm with only 1 strand (barbed wire perimeter fences) and the cows have great respect for it. The only time we had continual complications with it was last summer when we were going through a bad drought and we weren't getting a good ground, so the cows weren't getting shocked. Other than that, if we do our part and keep it clean and free of limbs and such, it does it's part extremely well. We use a solar panel charger we bought through premier to keep it charged and it works great! We have temporary fence sections we put up around the farm and for the temporary fence we use the pigtail posts from premier. We have 7 young children and we all go out to move fence to rotate the cows together. Everyone has a job to do, wether picking up pigtail posts, rolling up the intelitwine on the reel, or setting up the new fence line. We love working as a team, and having good reliable equipment for the job makes it stress free and fun and easy to do. Thank you premier1 for your great products!
Date: April 5, 2012
Will D from Kentucky
Would you recommend this product? Yes
IntelliTwine is the best! The easiest fencing product I've every used. We are farmers by day and Internet developers by night, and I love the techie look and feel the IntelliTwine gives our farm ;-)
Date: June 25, 2010
Tom C
Would you recommend this product? Yes
This product works well. It has lasted several years and is going strong. We like using several smaller spools to connect across to permanent fencing for grazing cattle. We set up a new area before taking down the old one. We follow up by mowing the tops off what wasn't eaten and then drag to break up manure. We get regrowth in as little as a week or two. This twine is easiest to use with harp clips. We use two strands to handle our herd of small calves and large cows. The conductivity is way better than stainless. Once they learn about it, they don't test it out!
Date: March 17, 2010
Larry J
Would you recommend this product? Yes
We have used this for pasture fence for about 4 years now. I bought some of the cheap stuff at TSC to make some repairs. It doesn't last.