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Goat fence posts
Author: Alan Davenport 
Date:   07-30-12 12:23

Considering the cost of the full kit it seems to me that the posts should be made of better material. They sag terribly and are generally too weak. Had to buy extra and sturdier posts

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Re: Goat fence posts
Author: Carol 
Date:   08-02-12 11:38

I agree. Just bought a goat fence last month. ground in spots , is a little rough. it seems to sag a lot. went to Tractor Supply bought more plastic posts, for electric fence-- for the fence. still is very flexible, too much so. Did install easily. have ground that used to have old farm buildings on years ago, so VERY rocky soil. the recommendation to get the single spike was right on. How do you train kids to the fence is one problem? Have one she tested that fence 4 times in a half hr. , my daughter finally put her back inside in her pen.

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Re: Goat fence posts
Author: liz 
Date:   04-14-14 15:24

i use old t-posts and cover them with pvc conduit i buy at lowe's. whatever is cheap and will slip over the t-post. i drive them only up to the spade because i move it about every 2 months. our ground is usually pretty wet so even the double spike loosens up. with this method i can also use single spike and not worry about my fence falling over. i put one in line with the netting post about halfway on a run of net and tie off. also use it for corners. you can really tighten it up and eliminate alot of sag. in the woods i just drive them a little deeper because i leave them year-round. that way i always know where to run net without remeasuring. hope this helps.

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