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Electric fence or mesh for pet control
Author: Paul Branin 
Date:   09-10-13 14:32

I have a seven foot wooden fence around my property. I have two juvenile felines who so far stay inside the fence but at some point will be able to get over it and risk getting lost or killed by traffic. I'm wondering about putting an electric fence on the top of the wood fence. It wouldn't need to be more than a foot tall but I can work with 18". Can anyone offer any advice for the practicality of the idea, products, or installation?

Thanks, Paul

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Re: Electric fence or mesh for pet control
Author: Sara 
Date:   09-10-13 18:25

The animals have to be grounded in order to receive a shock. If they are climbing up a wooden fence and touch the electric wire they will not receive a very good shock. You will need to add a ground along the top of the fence. Then when the animal touches the ground wire and the hot wire they should receive a good shock. I will need more information to suggest a fence. Please call Premier 1 Supplies at 800-282-6631.

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