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back injury in newborn lamb??
Author: Susan Randall 
Date:   02-21-14 03:49

I have a single lamb that was born unable to get up. It is alert, doesn't appear in pain. Just can't manage to get its hind legs under it. It will stand with assistance and has a strong sucking instinct. It can nurse on its front knees. Mother is accommodating and will lean down to let lamb nurse. It is a Katahdin and weighs 6.5 lbs. I gave it 6/100ths of a cc of Banamine. Any suggestions as to what this is and what I should do about it?

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Re: back injury in newborn lamb??
Author: Gordon 
Date:   02-21-14 13:40

There are many questions that I need answers to in order to help you.
Please give me a call at 800-282-6631 ext.133

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