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repairing electric netting
Author: Valerie 
Date:   05-18-14 16:41

I set up my electric netting for my sheep and goats. Before I could turn it on one young goat got tangled in it. She managed to completely knot up three sections. Can I cut out the bad sections, they are at the end of the fencing.

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Re: repairing electric netting
Author: Sara 
Date:   05-19-14 11:27

The best way to fix the fence is:
IF you can keep the ends and cut out the section in the middle. Connect the lines across follow these steps.

With your netting repair kit...

If a horizontal wire is broken:
1. Disconnect from power source.
2. Cut out the bad portion of the horizontal wire with a pair of scissors.
3. Measure out an appropriate amount of the replacement conductive or non-conductive material
4. Tie the replacement material to one side of the break with a square knot. (If possible, twist the metal filaments together of the original material and the splicing material before the knot is made.)
5. Repeat the twisting, tying and knot step on the remaining side of the break.
6. Place a brass ferrule over each of the square knots and clamp together with a pair of pliers.

It is best if you can keep the end of the fence. The lines connect at each end.

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