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Multi-Type Animal Netting
Author: Gary 
Date:   07-05-14 11:29

I will be free ranging & moving pigs, goats, & a possibly a couple cows inside the paddocks I create with Premier's fencing.
This is for homesteading, not big scale grazing.
Will the Pig Quick Fence be good enough for all or do you recommend another type fencing?
I just figured the pigs would be the harder of the 3 type animals to keep in. Especially young rooters.

Also I've looked all over your site trying to find out how many feet of fence that the PRS 50 will energize and haven't found a number. Can you please give me that info as well?
Thanks guys!!!

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Re: Multi-Type Animal Netting
Author: Sara 
Date:   07-07-14 13:21

If you would like to put cows, pigs and goats in the same fence I would suggest using the ElectroStop fence. It is 42 inches tall (for the goats and cows) and the first hot wire is 4 inches above the ground. You will need to check the fence often to make sure the pigs have not pushed dirt up on it. Make sure to test the fence for a reading of 4000 volts or more.

The pig fence is great due to the fact that pigs like to dig and will push dirt up on the fence. And the pig fence first line is 6 inches off the ground. But it is not tall enough to keep in most goats.

The PRS 50 energizer should run up to 5 rolls of the ElectroStop. The more grass and weeds touching the fence the less the energizer will do.

If you have green grass (moisture) the regular netting will work. If you have dry, rocky or sandy soil then use Pos/Neg fence (if you have questions on this please call 800-282-6631).

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