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single sided sheep feeder barn design
Author: karan Swaner 
Date:   09-28-14 16:24

I am designing a new pole barn with an overhang shelter for single sided sheep feeders and I am trying to figure the width of alley I will need for feeding, using a hand cart. Your material mentions that you use a 5' alley. Does that include the 24" width of the feeder (leaving 3 feet of open alley) or is that in addition to the 24" width (meaning I should allow 7 feet total)? My design has a 16' overhang, including the alley, the feeder wideth and the covered space for the sheep to feed, but I am not clear on where to site the line of feeders in that 16' space.
Thank you.

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Re: single sided sheep feeder barn design
Author: Gordon 
Date:   10-14-14 11:39

Our alley would be 5' wide to move feed and sheep through it. So a total of 7' with the feeder.

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