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Replacing first pole on electric netting
Author: Brenda 
Date:   11-02-14 09:47

The night before last someone drove through our yard and tried to go through the netting. (We live on an apple farm, and I am guessing it was some of the workers).
They destroyed the beginning section of one of my fences. I can fix the wiring, but the pole, where everything is attached, snapped in half. How do I go about replacing this?
Thank you.

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Re: Replacing first pole on electric netting
Author: Sara 
Date:   11-03-14 11:06

Yes we have replacement posts. On our website type in replacement post in the search box at the top right corner. It should say "enter key word or item number here". This will bring up all the replacement posts scroll down to find the post that matches your net type.

Can also click on the following link:

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