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Energizer Recommendation
Author: Kent 
Date:   11-18-14 14:22

Would like to know your solar energizer recommendation (remote area!) for 1 mile of cattle fence w/4 wires in southeast Texas (ave. rainfall 39"). Fence will not be straight, but will have little pressure from vegetation. Also, might want to include a few more wires to accommodate goats in the future.

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Re: Energizer Recommendation
Author: Sara 
Date:   11-18-14 16:48

I suggest using the PRS 100 item number 114026. This is a 1 joule energizer kit. Comes with these items:

1-Patriot P10 1.0 joule energizer
2-12 amp hour 12v sealed lead acid batteries
1-Wiring harness
1-10-watt solar panel
1-Ground rod
1-Metal carry case
If you buy the kit, it comes with all of the above plus a 5-light tester.
This should be able to handle your cattle fence no problem and still be large enough for the goat fence. Make sure to test the fence for a reading of 3000 volts or more.

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