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mobile chicken fencing
Author: Ana Polacek 
Date:   02-15-15 16:34

I am looking to put in mobile chicken fencing that I could move every couple weeks. I was looking at using your NoShock Chick Fence, (50' x 48"), green, NetPost 15/48/DS green, and FiberTuff 22/48/SS Step-in Post, black. The fence is to keep the chicken safe during the day - they will be cooped at night. How many step in post will I need? 12? And will it be easy to open up the area daily to feed and give clean water? Thoughts? We only have 5 chickens.

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Re: mobile chicken fencing
Author: Linda 
Date:   11-10-15 12:23

We used the no shock fence for quite a while but once the chickens got bigger we found that they would fly up, sit on top then jump over. We have 12 chickens and had two rolls of the no shock that we moved quite frequently since they can scratch up an area quickly. Looking now for a solution to keep them in as the scavenger hunt for their eggs isn't so fun.

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