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nipple buckets
Author: Chris Unruh 
Date:   04-08-15 23:19

Hi I have ten orphan lambs I am feeding with your nipple buckets . The lambs are about
2 weeks old and are doing well on rubber nipples. We are mixing half a day's supply cold
and adding a frozen milk jug, they finish It in 5hrs.! Now they are scouring and the vet says
it is from over eating. Is there any way to slow them down? Should we let the milk run out or
should we have milk in front of them 24hrs.?

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Re: nipple buckets
Author: Sara 
Date:   04-09-15 11:12

Yes you will need to have milk in the buckets 24 hours a day. This way the lambs will drink a little at time. Other wise they are so hungry that when you put milk in they will eat it fast. If you have any questions please let us know.

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