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Reducing the length of the fence
Author: Liz Harding 
Date:   08-15-15 15:55

Hello: My fence is too long for the area I want to protect (chicken coop). Is there a way to make the fence shorter? Or, is there something to do with the extra, such as roll up the end. Will the fence still be effective if I fold up the extra?

Thank you!

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Re: Reducing the length of the fence
Author: Sara 
Date:   08-17-15 09:25

On the PoultryNet if it is an all positive fence (only one clip at each end). The best way is to just fold it back onto itself. If you roll itit is hard to keep it from shorting out. Doubling it over works the best. Make sure the hot wires are not touching the metal spikes on the post. I hope this helps.

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Thank you,

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