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42B fencer
Author: Gail 
Date:   11-05-15 23:09

I recharged the 12V battery, and when I hooked up the 42B fencer I saw a flash of light from the front of the fencer. I noticed it because it was getting dark even though the back of the unit was toward me. I thought the fuse blew, but after looking, the fuse appears to be okay, but the fencer doesn't work.

Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to the owner's manual, and I can't figure out how to get to the fuse to check it with a continuity tester.

Any ideas/ suggestions? Thanks much.

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Re: 42B fencer
Author: Sara 
Date:   11-06-15 09:15

On our website we have most of the manuals for the energizers.
Go to Instructions/Charts (left side column of site) click then scroll down to Instruction-Energizers then scroll down to the Intellishock 42B. This will bring up the manual.

Please call us at 800-282-6631 for the repair on your energizer.

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