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testing electric fence
Author: Kristi Pyatt 
Date:   02-13-16 13:47


I'm not sure of the best way to test electric fencing when the ground is frozen. Can I put the tester in a bucket of soil? Do I drill a hole in the ground and use that to put the grounder in?

thanks, Kristi

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Re: testing electric fence
Author: Sara 
Date:   02-16-16 08:14

The best way to test the fence would be to lay the ground prong on the ground and step on it. This will give you the true reading of what an animal will feel.
If you are not getting a good reading on your fence:

Make sure to have the ground rod all the way into the ground
Make sure you have a good connection to the ground rod
Make sure to have a good connection on the energizer and fence
I hope this helps. If not call us at 800-282-6631 and we can trouble shoot it together.

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