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Pregnant Sheep?
Author: Charlotte Fuller 
Date:   02-29-16 03:14

I have a 7-10 mth old dorper cross ewe who seems to be extremely fat. She lives in a lush grass paddock, however her weight isn't distributed underneath like a normal fat sheep, but outwards. She looks alot like a football. This brings the question, could she be pregnant? She would be very young, but has started digging holes to sleep in at night and doesn't seem so bouncy as weeks go on. She doesn't have much of an udder...
Idea? could she just be extremely bloated and fat?

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Re: Pregnant Sheep?
Author: Sara 
Date:   03-01-16 08:27

I suggest calling your local veterinarian. I really can not say what it going on with out seeing it and I am not a veterinarian. Thank you.

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