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LGD and temporary fence
Author: Jean Ray 
Date:   04-01-16 14:10

I'd like to graze my sheep in some areas of our property that are not currently fenced and use temporary or maybe semi-permanent fencing for this. In addition to the Katahdin sheep, it would need to confine 2 LGD (Pyr and Antaolian) . The pasture is 4' stock fence with a hot wire on top and that keeps them in, but I'm not sure about the dogs and electric net fencing. What do you recommend?

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Re: LGD and temporary fence
Author: Sara 
Date:   04-04-16 14:36

You will need to train the dogs to the fence. Watch them closely for the first couple hours and check often for the next few days. Some animals we go forward instead of backing off and you want to be there to turn off the fence once they are tangled up. Usually once the dogs hit the fence and learn it is hot they respect the fence. Test the fence to make sure to have a reading of 3000 volts or more. Thanks, Sara

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