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Can a fence be shortened?
Author: Jean 
Date:   04-24-16 22:24

Is it possible to cut down a fence and still have it work? It would fit my needs better to have two shorter fences. I have the poultry net lpus.

Thank you

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Re: Can a fence be shortened?
Author: Sara 
Date:   04-25-16 08:38

The netting is made so the power runs down then comes back. This way if one wire breaks it is still hot on both sides. If you cut the fence you will lose this and any backing Premier will have on problems. Always make sure to test your fence for a reading of 3000 volts or more.

If there is additional net that is not needed, you can make a U and run it back on itself as long as the net is not Positive/Negative net.

Thank you.

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