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Sheep Pen Drains
Author: Dan 
Date:   08-08-16 18:55

I live in the Pacific Northwest and have approximately 30 sheep.
At night, they go into a night pen area. It is mostly covered with 1/4 inch rubber mats over fine gravel.

During the dry summer, it's easy to sweep the mats and remove the poop.
When it constantly rains in the winter, it becomes a soupy mess that we squeegee off the mats.

I'm looking for recommendations on a drain system or culvert system to squeegee the wet poop into.
It could have a removable cover, or even have a pump to get it out.
The pen is pretty flat - so there's no where for it to go.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Sheep Pen Drains
Author: Sara 
Date:   08-09-16 10:07

I am sorry we sell nothing that would work for this.

Thank you

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