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Fence without electric wire
Author: Ginny Peabody 
Date:   09-26-16 22:49

We are always throwing up a fence to keep the chickens out of the garden or an area with new seed. We often use our electric fence, but given our situation and lack of preditors, we almost never electify it. How about designing a chicken fence using poly twine without wire, but with posts just like a chicken fence. Short ones would work well keeping ducks out of the garden. The cost would be lower so we could purchase enough to use to divide the pasture up for rotational grazing. No need to answer. I'll just watch your catalog.

Thanks, Ginny

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Re: Fence without electric wire
Author: Sara 
Date:   09-27-16 09:05

We have been testing a product just like this. It should be in our January Poultry Catalog.

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