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Use and placement of a scale ?
Author: Robert Marsh 
Date:   11-05-17 16:41

First, other than selling direct to consumer slaughter lambs, is having a scale in the handling system useful ?

Second: if you are going to put a scale in the handling system, where is it best placed so not interfere with normal operations. At entry, exit, middle or should the sort gate in one direction have a short section after your normal working section ?

Third: How ? Concrete pad under 3' section with stop gate each end, and keep there / under a roof or put there only when needed ?

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Re: Use and placement of a scale ?
Author: gordon 
Date:   11-06-17 11:12

Some people like to weigh their animals to make sure that they are giving them the correct amount of drug when worming or injecting them.
If you like to keep records to tell which ewes are producing the most profit then you will need to weigh the lambs. I do not like a scale built into the system. It will always slow down the flow when using it for other operations. It is best to have it so you can add it to the end of your system when it is needed. Move the two way sort gate and slide the scale between it and the end of the chute.
The scale does need to set on a hard level surface of some kind. Cement is best but limestone or hard dirt will also work. You can also just put down a piece of plywood to set the scale on. It is best to keep the scale under a roof to stop water from getting inside the scale head. Also keep all moving parts of the scale well oiled and moving freely.

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