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Cow fence in snow?
Author: Sweet Tea 
Date:   02-18-18 09:59


We have ElectroNet 9/35/12 and IntelliRope. It has snowed twice this winter, a couple inches each time, and seemingly mostly on the basis of low visibility our (small) cow has walked through either one of those fences. She has never done that on other occasions.

Suggestions on a more visible / effective fence? I'm tired of chasing a cow every time it snows.

Sweet Tea

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Re: Cow fence in snow?
Author: sara 
Date:   02-19-18 12:41

Make sure to test the fence for a good reading of 3000 volts or more. And you can tie ribbon on the fence if you need to make it more visible. I will let our design team know on your suggestion.

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Re: Cow fence in snow?
Date:   03-26-18 16:07

Are you talking cows or calves? Im new to the site but in our area we have our fences about 2 ft and another at 4 feet high if electric.. That way the calves will learn what electricity is too,, I use a fencer that has enough juice to handle 20 miles of fence and another that is solar that will easily handle 5 miles, It's power is measured in juliles. Low impediance fencers are powerful and once they touch them they remember where they are...
.A 6 joule output at 75 ohms is good for 100 miles.... Yes it gives them a wolup but they learn and it only hurts for a moment but they respect it... If putting up new fence I do usually put some "CAUTION TAPE" at spots so they can see it at first as it's yellow of course, It's not just chasing cows you have to worry about but in our area they can get into traffic or to a neighbors yard that might not like it... Learned years ago that "good fences make good neighbors" and it's true to this day.... HOpe it all worked out for you~

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