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Dead Battery?
Author: Mark Seager 
Date:   02-13-09 10:56

How long do the deep cycle batteries last? I installed the IntelliShock 55B Battery Energizer with a solar panel two years ago and it was working great until last summer. The fence shock is very low now and my miniature horse and Alpacas are no longer respecting it. We have lots of sun at our location, even during the winter months, so the battery should be fully charged. Also, I check the fence regularly for shorts and fix them. So I'm wondering if the problem is that the battery is no longer holding as much of a charge. Should it be replaced?

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Re: Dead Battery?
Author: Mandy 
Date:   02-13-09 11:19

Typically our deep cycle batteries last 3-4 years. If you purchased the battery locally, some of those only last 2-3 years. I would take it off and charge it fully on a battery charger. THen put it on the fence and check it every couple of days to see if the voltage stays the same, drops slowly or drops quickly. Another thing you can do is test the energizer without the fence hooked up to make sure that it is still working properly.
Thank you.

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Re: Dead Battery?
Author: DDBear 
Date:   06-16-12 00:04

The battery is probably not full charged. It can get discharged easily if there is a short circuit anywhere because of plants or bugs crawling onto the wires etc. First try charging the battery with a slow-charge car charger before declaring it to be a dead battery.

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