Horse Fencing

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Author: becky 
Date:   03-05-09 16:08

I am wondering which fencer to purchase to keep a hard to keep in horse, I would like one for heavy weeds, wisconsin climate, and need a good ZAP!!!

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Re: Fencers
Author: Mandy 
Date:   03-06-09 10:44

What kind of fence are you using? How many strands are hot? How big of an area are you fencing? If you want to contact me directly at 1-800-282-6631, I can get you a couple of suggestions for your fence.
Thank you,

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Re: Fencers
Author: Kate Adams 
Date:   08-29-09 12:44

We are wanting to put up an electric fence for our horses. I cannot find information any were on how to do it. We are thinking of the wide tape fence.

We would like any suggestions on election fence you can give us.

Which kind of electric fence is the best to use? How to install it? How to install in right?

Thank you

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Re: Fencers
Author: Mandy 
Date:   08-31-09 11:13

Try these two links- they should give you an idea of how to install an electric fence. I use the electrified rope instead of the Tape. Some folks like a combination of the 2 kinds.

Thank you.

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Re: Fencers
Author: sarah 
Date:   03-19-15 13:03

i purchased the tape fence from the company 12 years ago and it's just now showing wear and tear...typically, they last about 10 years the company says.
i strung up 3 strands for arabians and they respected it all this time...until about two seasons ago when one of them started leaning on it to reach the arborvitae trees.
i checked the battery which was putting out 1000amps at the source but wasn't getting to the fence from the barn. it runs underground to the fence.
i re-installed it from the house on an extension cord to the fence.
he still leans on it even with the fence showing, according to the tester i have, it's putting out nearly 1000amps with each click.
i am not happy.

i want to go to a solar fence and am interested in your little Patriot energizer...any thoughts on that?
and, here's a dumber the 2.5 miles of fence the total diameter of the field or is it the total strands around...1-strand +2nd+3rd strand=2.5 miles?

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Re: Fencers
Author: Sara 
Date:   03-23-15 13:23

The Tape is showing wear. The Wire filaments are they in contact? When testing the energizer for output. Is it still connected to the fence? In order to test the energizer follow these steps:

Troubleshooting Electric Fences
Is it the energizer or the fence
that’s the problem?
To check—turn off the energizer.
Then disconnect the wires going to
the fence and ground rod system.
Turn the energizer back on.
Then measure the voltage between
the 2 terminals (fence and earth)
on the energizer with a digital
fence voltmeter or other fence
testing device (place a probe onto
the “-” earth terminal and a probe
onto the “+” fence terminal).
If the tester reads less than 4000
volts, the energizer (or possibly the
battery if it’s a battery energizer) is
the problem.
If the tester reads more than 4000
volts, the fence is the problem and
the energizer is working properly.

The Patriot P10 would work for your fence. Usually The 2.5 for us is the total fence one time around. Depending on the animal you are fencing in.

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