Horse Fencing

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Re: Fencers
Author: sarah 
Date:   03-19-15 13:03

i purchased the tape fence from the company 12 years ago and it's just now showing wear and tear...typically, they last about 10 years the company says.
i strung up 3 strands for arabians and they respected it all this time...until about two seasons ago when one of them started leaning on it to reach the arborvitae trees.
i checked the battery which was putting out 1000amps at the source but wasn't getting to the fence from the barn. it runs underground to the fence.
i re-installed it from the house on an extension cord to the fence.
he still leans on it even with the fence showing, according to the tester i have, it's putting out nearly 1000amps with each click.
i am not happy.

i want to go to a solar fence and am interested in your little Patriot energizer...any thoughts on that?
and, here's a dumber the 2.5 miles of fence the total diameter of the field or is it the total strands around...1-strand +2nd+3rd strand=2.5 miles?

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